Entering a new decade of growth leap since a company listed in 2018, it’s important to remember how outstandingly Russell has evolved over the past 20 years.

Amongst very few global leading players in semiconductor equipment industry, no one could even imagine to dissemble and refurbish semiconductor equipment in Korea due to a high technical barrier and dependency on the imports.  

In a depth of caliber of 10 technical experts from LG semiconductor (now merged by SK Hynix), Russell was established in 1999 and has taken a top-tier player in Korea since after, duly leading itself to the 1st Refurbishment company listed on Korean Stock Exchange.

More than anything else, Russell’s conspicuous positioning in the market is firmly based on technical expertise. It is exemplified by skill not only for 200mm-wafer equipment, but for currently increasing demand of 300mm-wafer equipment, which is required for a swift adaptability of technical advance, specifically differentiating Russell from other competitors.

Now, Russell is also pushing the sales boundary for USA, China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, etc., assured by several-years accumulated experience and well-proven performance. In addition, it is set to expand the business spectrum for sustainable growth, including autonomous industrial vehicle and automated fill-in equipment in medicine production line. 

Russell is proud to say that we are incessantly committed ourselves to learn advanced technologies so as to deliver value-added offerings tailored for customer requirement.

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